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Admitted students passed registration at Baku Higher Oil School

         Registration of students admitted for 2017/18 academic year to the bachelor degree course is completed at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). It was conducted by a working group set up by an order of BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov for registering prospective students admitted to the Higher School upon the results of the entrance test exams arranged by the State Examination Centre this summer.


          Each of the first-year students was registered in one of the three specializations, namely Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Process Automation Engineering. During registration, the working group members answered numerous questions from the new students, helped to compile necessary documentation and data, and provided them with detailed information about their obligations reflected in bilateral agreements signed between BHOS and every student.


           In total, 129 young persons were registered as BHOS first-year students. The minimum passing score for admission to Process Automation Engineering faculty, which was 685 points, has already become record high in the country. The minimum passing scores for admission to Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering faculties were 663 and 662 points respectively.