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Record speciality and record of year

      Process Automation Engineering, which is one of the most prestigious and much-in-demand professions today, is one the specialities acquired by students of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). The most talented, smart and knowledgeable young people want to become specialists in the field. This year, seven out of 15 prospective students earning 700 points at the entrance exams to national higher educational institutions conducted by State Examination Centre have chosen to study at BHOS. Five of them selected to be Process Automation Engineering students.


       The Higher School occupies II place in the country for the number of students granted with the Presidential scholarship this year: there are 24 Presidential scholars among the first-year students at BHOS. Twenty one of them chose to study Process Automation Engineering. In total, 40 undergraduates including 12 girls and 28 boys became first-year Process Automation Engineering students. To become a student in this field, it was necessary to earn 685 points as minimum at the entrance exams. The average score earned by the prospective students made up 691 points. According to the State Examination Centre, Process Automation Engineering is the most popular field of study for young people and has become a speciality of the year.


       Below is a table showing dynamics of the average score gained by prospective Process Automation Engineering students in 2013-2017.



Average score