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BHOS students at "Do it yourself" project

          Undergraduates of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) including fifth-year Petroleum Engineering student Jamal Ahmadov, fourth-year Chemical Engineering student Anar Badalbayli and third-year Chemical Engineering student Nigar Jahangirova participated in second stage of Do it Yourself project. It was entitled “Beyond the simplicity” and was conducted with the support of Erasmus+ program of the European Union in Rustavi (Georgia) in mid-October. BHOS students’ participation was organized with support from Common Sense Youth Organization, a local non-governmental organization, which works to increase participation of the youth in the development of civil society.


          The event also gathered young people from Georgia, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine. The project concentrated on the concept of social entrepreneurship with special focus on entrepreneurial skills, leadership and management, problem analysis, funding and financing. The participants explored these topics in the context of youth organizations’ activities, shared their experiences, and discussed current conditions and best practices in each participant country. At the end, each team developed an idea of its own social enterprise that was expected to tackle a concrete challenge in their community.


          Within the project implementation, study visits to Babale, Mediathek and TechPark social enterprises were arranged. The participants also met with local social startupers to share their experiences as well as views and opinions of challenges they encountered in this sphere.