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"I knew I made right choice", Presidential scholar at BHOS Vahab Jabrayilov who earned 700 points at entrance exams

          – Please tell us who is Vahab Jabrayilov, who managed to earn 700 points at the entrance exams?

          – I was born on February 17, 2000, in Ismayilly district. While at school, I won a bronze medal at an academic competition in mathematics. This year I graduated with honors from a secondary school in the Lahij village of this district and Ministry of Education awarded me with gold medal for best results in studies.  


          – Vahab, what success you are proud of most of all?  

          – I think that so far my biggest success is that I have managed to become a student of Baku Higher Oil School.


          – When you were thinking about choosing higher educational institution, why did you select BHOS

          – I have selected BHOS not only because I earned high score at the entrance exams. I do want to become a good engineer and I believe that only at the Higher School I can grow into an excellent specialist. From the very first days, I understood that I have made the right choice.


          – Where do you see yourself after graduation? Why?

          – After graduation, I would like to pursue a Master’s degree at a prestigious international university. To succeed, I need to work very hard. In the long term, I want to become an excellent engineer specializing in both oil sector and other industries of Azerbaijan.


          – In your view, what a student must do to succeed?

          – I believe that the student who has a clear objective must take all efforts to achieve it. It is also important to be kept up-to-date of the latest news and be aware of all the events in the world concerning your field of study. But first and foremost, you shall never get tired and never give up on your goals.


          – What is the best motivation for you?  

          – The main motivation for me is to be useful and help people. I always aspire to help my family, my friends and my country.


          – What would you advise students or those who want to become students?

          – I would advise those young people who are going to obtain higher education to try very hard to grow into a true professional irrespective of their field of study in order to serve their people and their country. I would also advise them to make the right choice when they think about future profession, as this is a very important step. For example, if you want to be an engineer, then Baku Higher Oil School is the best choice for you.


           – Thank you for the interesting interview. We wish you success in your study!