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Baku Higher Oil School celebrates Azerbaijani Youth Day

         Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) hosted a special event to celebrate the Day of Azerbaijan Youth. The ceremony was attended by BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov, Deputy Head of Humanitarian Affairs Department of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Maherram Akhmedov, Executive Director of the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan Farid Jafarov, Chairman of the New Azerbaijan Party Youth Union Seymur Orujov, the BHOS students, professors, teachers and administration staff members.


          The celebration started with playing the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 


          In the welcome speech, Rector Elmar Gasimov extended his cordial congratulations on national Youth Day to the BHOS students and all Azerbaijani young people. He reminded that the foundation for the state youth policy in the country was laid by national leader Heydar Aliyev and that Azerbaijan National Youth Day, which is celebrated every year on February 2, was declared by the degree signed by the great leader on this day in 1997. In the Rector’s words, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev pays close attention to the interests and needs of the young generation of the country. As Elmar Gasimov emphasized, the special State Program "Azerbaijan Youth for 2017-2021" is successfully implemented, new Youth centers are opened in the regions, and all necessary support is provided to Azerbaijani young people’s education, development and international integration. “Following the main principles of the state youth policy, the Higher School solemnly celebrates this holiday alongside the whole nation every year,” said the Rector.


            Addressing the event participants, Deputy Head of Humanitarian Affairs Department of the Administration of the President Maherram Akhmedov, the Executive Director of the Youth Foundation Farid Jafarov and the Chairman of the New Azerbaijan Party Youth Union Seymur Orujov congratulated the BHOS students and urged them to work hard for the social and economic development of the country. Environmental Engineer of BP in Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva who graduated the Higher School in 2018 with Bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering spoke at the event on behalf of the BHOS alumni. She also extended her congratulations on the Youth Day and told her own success story.


              At the gathering, Rector Elmar Gasimov presented the BHOS Honorary Diplomas to Maherram Akhmedov and Farid Jafarov.


              The event continued with a ceremony of awarding the students who honorably represented the Higher School at various local and international events. One group of awardees included the team, which developed ThermoNorth project recognized the best youth startup project of the year in the republic. The team also won the national ClimateLaunchpad Azerbaijan 2018 contest and represented Azerbaijan at the Grand Final of ClimateLaunchpad, the world’s biggest clean-tech business idea competition held in Edinburgh, Scotland. The team leader, BHOS Associate Professor Amir Reza Vakhshouri was presented a Diploma and the team members were awarded certificates. BHOS Senior Lecturer Abbas Alili, the supervisor of “Robo-sapience” student team, which won second national Olympiad of robots and represented Azerbaijan at International Final of the World Robot Olympiad in Thailand, also received a diploma. The “Robo-sapience” team members as well as students of two other teams, which took the second and the third places at the national Olympiad of robots, were presented certificates.


               Rector Elmar Gasimov gave BHOS Diploma to five-year Chemical Engineering student Anar Badalbeyli, who received this award for his exemplary behavior and contribution to the Higher School scientific, social and cultural activities. Members of Higher School team that took the second place at national CanSat Azerbaijan 2018 competition and the undergraduates whose teams took the first and third places at National Scientific and Creative Youth Contest "There is an Idea!" were awarded certificates, too. Certificates and memorable gifts were also presented to the students who achieved excellent results in academic study and research activities and successfully participated in social initiatives, training courses and sport tournaments.


                The event concluded with a holiday concert.