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Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population conducts workshop at Baku Higher Oil School

         Training sessions on leadership for students aimed at development of their business management skills are regularly organized at Baku Higher Oil School. One of the most recent sessions was held by Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Azerbaijan Matin Karimli for the BHOS fifth-year and Master’s students. Matin Karimli is a senior civil servant with educational background and working experience in project management, international relations, policy analysis and public relations, and a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Master in Public Administration degree program.


         The workshop objective was to hone participants’ communication skills to help them become more effective and capable leaders. Matin Karimli made a presentation covering four-point working model including leadership practices, leadership theory, behaviors related to identity, and 21st century skills. The interactive session was designed to enhance the students’ understanding of, and practical experience in, negotiations, collaboration, team building, representation of the group, and modelling the way for others.


           The training concluded with question and answer session. At the end, the students participated in a self-assessment test. Upon completion of the training, all of them received certificates of participation.