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Synergy club holds another session at Baku Higher Oil School

           Synergy scientific discussion club operating at Baku Higher Oil School hold a session entitled “Our history, language and national identity”. The session conducted by scientific coordinator of the club, professor of the BHOS Petroleum Engineering department, Honored Teacher Fuad Valiyev was attended by the Higher Oil School Rector, president of the Synergy club Elmar Gasimov, the BHOS teachers, students and administration staff members. 


           At the gathering, Prof. Fuad Veliyev and Associate Professor of the Centre of English Language and Humanitarian Disciplines, PhD in History Alemdar Shahverdiyev made presentations on the topic of the session. In their words, it is particularly important to preserve national and ethnical identity today, when the pace of the global change is extremely rapid and affected by globalization as well as economic and cultural integration processes. It was emphasized that this historical context might help understand why Azerbaijani people should take a careful attitude towards their history, language and ethnic origins. The speakers also said that the young generation should know and respect their national traditions, cultural heritage and moral values, which constitute an integral part of national identity and development. The presentations were followed by a discussion, views exchange and a question and answer session.


                The Synergy club operating at BHOS for a number of years aims to provide a forum for discussions and information exchange about achievements, challenges and perspectives of various sciences. The main objective of its activities is to attract students and young specialists to the field of scientific research while fostering their creativity and debating and presentation skills.