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Presidential scholar: 'My biggest dream is to get into the top ten best chemical engineers in the world'

           Mirkazim Agayev is one of the 23 students of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) who showed the highest results in the entrance exams for the first group of specialities for the 2019/2020 academic year, and were awarded the Presidential Scholarship for this in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Having scored 685.4 points, he entered the Chemical Engineering Department of BHOS.


            From 2008 to 2014, Mirkazim Agayev attended School No. 1 in the Boladi village in Lankaran District. From 2014 to 2018, he studied at the "Istek" Lyceum. After the lyceum had been closed, Mirkazim Agayev finished the 11th grade at school No. 2 in the Boladi village in Lankaran region.


            He stood out among the rest of the schoolchildren for his social activity. Mirkazim Agayev was awarded certificates for achieving excellent results in essay contests and sports competitions. At the same time, he participated actively in Republican Subject Olympiads. Mirkazim Agayev was awarded a bronze medal for distinguishing himself at the Olympiad in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, in which young talents from nine countries took part. While studying in the 11th grade, he won a gold medal in mathematics at the Olympiad, organized in the Southern Zone of Lankaran State University.


• What is your impression of the entrance exams?


             Like all applicants, I was a little worried. But young people with a well-laid base  can easily get grip on themselves. Since I participated in the test exams, I had no difficulty in taking the entrance exams, which lasted 3 hours.


  • Why did you choose this speciality?


             To be honest, this profession was not a dream of my childhood. When finishing school, I had to choose a specific area, and I was inclined to the first group. Besides, I found out that the country experiences a shortage in engineers. Engineering is an elite and universal field. Because of my interest in chemistry, I chose the speciality “Chemical Engineer”.


  • How did you know about Baku Higher Oil School?


           There were good conditions for education in the secondary school, which helped me to develop my worldview. At the same time, school teachers told us about one of the country's most prestigious universities - Baku Higher Oil School. I also searched the Internet and found information about the BHOS there.


  • Why did you choose the BHOS?


           Students coming to the capital city from regions face many problems, such as lack of housing, money, etc. I do not have enough opportunities to go abroad. I chose Baku Higher Oil School, because it provides the best education in the field of chemical engineering, offers employment opportunities, provides excellent conditions for the development of social skills, and it also has a dormitory.


• How did you achieve your goal to enter Baku Higher Oil School?


         While in the 11th grade, I set a goal to score 600-700 points to enter Chemical Engineering Department. I didn’t study all day to achieve this goal. The most important thing is to map out time correctly. I kept a balance between reading and relaxing, devoted an average of 6 hours per day to reading, kept regular sleeping hours, maintained my social life, did my favorite pastime - sports. So, I achieved my goal.


  • Did your family somehow influence the career choice?


        My mother is an ICT teacher, and my father is an economist with higher education. My brothers are older than me. One of them is studying in Italy for a Master's degree in World Economics, and the other one is studying economics in Baku. I grew up in an intelligent family, and, of course, it made an invaluable contribution to my education. My mother and father at first did not welcome my decision to apply for Engineering Chemistry. My brothers gave me great support in this regard. They were able to convince my parents of the rightness of my choice.


            • What do you want more than anything else in life?


           I am a very ambitious person. I want to be one of the best in my field. My biggest dream is to get into the top ten best chemical engineers in the world. So far, this is a dream, so I will have to work hard to make it come true.


• What is your hobby?


          My favorite hobby is watching sports. I particularly like watching football. The team “Liverpool” of England is my favorite football club, and I like the red color precisely because of this club.


            • Do you take interest in any field other than Chemical Engineering?


          I take an interest in Genetic Engineering. I also want to deepen my knowledge in the field of nuclear physics.


  • What book genre do you enjoy reading most?


            Speaking in order of priority: fine literature, detective stories, scientific books. Jules Verne is my favorite author of fiction. I do not have a favorite author in other genres. I enjoy reading any book I can get my hands on.


• What are your future goals regarding your education at Baku Higher Oil School?


            My current goal is to graduate from Baku Higher Oil School with honors so that to have my name engraved on that famous, symbolic stump. Then I want to start learning foreign languages, one language from each continent. Because to become a highly qualified specialist, it is not enough to have good knowledge only in the field of chemical engineering.