Presidents Assistant visits Baku Higher Oil School

Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev visited the campus of Baku Higher Oil School.


He got acquainted with the educational conditions, material and technical base, social infrastructure and research environment created there.


Rector of Baku Higher Oil School Elmar Gasimov gave the guest detailed information about the conditions created in the campus for providing quality education, the application of innovations in the education system and prospects for the future.


Hikmat Hajiyev examined the classrooms of Baku Higher Oil School, research laboratories, the Innovation Center, a modern technological library, multi-profile conference halls, and a museum with rare exhibits on oil history.


Then he took part in a meeting with students, teachers and staff of BHOS. Under the quarantine rules, the meeting was broadcast both live and online. The online meeting was attended by about 900 people.


Welcoming the participants, Rector Elmar Gasimov also spoke about the superiority of Azerbaijan in the information war, which also made a significant contribution to the Great Victory achieved by our country in the 44-day Patriotic War under the command of President Ilham Aliyev.


He noted that the right information policy, carried out with the use of large-scale propaganda, contributed to the strengthening of the morale of the army and the people and that Hikmet Hajiyev played a special role in this matter.


Speaking at the meeting, Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev said that thanks to the youth policy pursued by the President and his concern for education, Baku Higher Oil School today combines the components of modern education.


“There is a great atmosphere here, both in terms of teaching methods and infrastructure. I have always closely followed the activities of Baku Higher Oil School and I noticed that the majority of applicants who receive high scores in entrance exams choose BHOS.Today I witnessed that all ideal conditions for learning have been created here. Compared to the previous period, a wonderful environment has been created for you to reach your full potential. I am especially glad to see future engineers of Azerbaijan at Baku Higher Oil School, young people who can contribute to the innovative development of Azerbaijan and I am also glad to witness how gender equality is ensured among them. Previously, most engineers were men, but today we can be proud of having many women engineers. As known, science and innovation move the world forward, and countries that have achieved success in science and innovation achieve success in other areas as well. In this area, there is fierce and serious competition among countries in the world. The potential of a country is no longer measured by the volume of its oil and coal, but by the potential of human resources. Therefore, I think that students admitted to this university with 650-700 score will be the ones who will ensure the innovative development of our country. I would like to have the first Nobel laureates of Azerbaijan among you,” he said.


Hikmat Hajiyev shared his recommendations with the students. Speaking about the role of young people who grew up during the 17-year rule of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in winning the Great Victory, he called on engineering students to offer innovative solutions to eliminate the consequences of Armenia's vandalism policy.


During the event, Hikmat Hajiyev was presented with a plaque "Guest of Honor" of Baku Higher Oil School. Then the President’s Assistant presented a diploma and an award to the winner of the online art reading competition “The Homeland is Good”, organized by BHOS.


The meeting concluded with a Q&A session on various topics.