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The first in the republic: 'Baku Higher Oil School has no rivals'

Vusal Karimov, who has shown the highest result in the entrance exams for the master’s degree programs of universities in Azerbaijan, is a 5th year student of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) majoring in Petroleum Engineering.


Vusal was born in Baku in 1999 and graduated from secondary school No. 107. He scored a high score of 662 points in the entrance exams for the BHOS bachelor program and was admitted to the Petroleum Engineering Department of Baku Higher Oil School.


Vusal Karimov says that the education he received during his five years of study at Baku Higher Oil School, the specialty he chose and the efforts of his teachers allowed him to thoroughly prepare for the master's degree exams.


Vusal, who scored 88 points in the first round of entrance exams, will study at BHOS for a master's degree in field development and management. He believes that this is in line with the specialty he is currently studying at Baku Higher Oil School and that BHOS is unmatched when it comes to teaching this specialty.


That is why Vusal Karimov did not make any attempts to continue his studies abroad. He thinks that Baku Higher Oil School is not inferior to any other foreign university in terms of teaching efficiency.