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Schlumberger's Presentation Held at BHOS

Presentation related to summer camp to be organized by Schlumberger company on 17-22 July, 2016 in Baku was held at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS).


Second, third and fourth year students from petroleum engineering, chemical engineering and process automation engineering specializations of the higher school participated at the event. Asset Iskakov, Schlumberger Caspian Recruiting and University Relations Manager informed BHOS students about the summer camp organized by the above company.


Presentation encompassed such issues as summer camp organized by Schlumberger based on weekly intensive programme, selection phases, admittance terms including activities of the company, the services Schlumberger offers in the petroleum field of the Caspian region and other activities. The presentation proceeded with questions and answers session. Then the first selection phase to recruit the students willing to join summer camp started. The students who successfully pass the further phase will gain the right to join summer camp.


It should be pointed out, that the summer camp organized by Schlumberger is organized for students who intend to carve out a career in the petroleum industry. It is expected that the students distinguished with their activity during summer camp will get job offers. In general, participation of 16 students representing diverse higher educational institutions is envisaged at the summer camp.