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"I can tell that Azerbaijan is my homeland", says BHOS' foreign student

Entony-Mario Suares, foreign second-year student of Petroleum Engineering Faculty at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS), is answering our questions.


– Entony, for how many years do you live in Azerbaijan? What can you say about our country?

– I live in Azerbaijan for 20 years. I was born on September 3, 1996, in Baku. Baku is a very beautiful city. I can say that it is turning into a megapolis.  Flame Towers, National Flag Square, Baku Crystal Hall and the Heydar Aliyev Center have become symbols of Baku today. I also would like to emphasize that Azerbaijani people are very kind and hospitable. In a few words, I can say that Azerbaijan is my homeland.


– And why did you choose Baku Higher Oil School?

– I studied at the Baku Oxford School four years, and all these years all lessons were conducted in English. After graduation from the school, I continued my education in England and came back after competition of one-year foundation program. When I learned that there was a new higher school in Baku, namely Baku Higher Oil School, I decided to study here instead of going to study in England. 


– You are a second-year student. Is the study at BHOS difficult?

– In the very beginning, I thought that studying here would not be a challenge, as the subjects at my secondary school were taught in English, like it is arranged at BHOS. Now I realize that studying here is not an easy task. However, I also understand that it is always difficult at the start of education, but then you get used to that and it will be easier after a while.


– If studying is difficult indeed, do not you regret the decision to study at our Higher School?

– No, not at all. In my view, instead of being sorry about something, a person has to adhere to his decision and work hard to achieve his goals. 


– What is your most cherished dream?

– My most cherished dream is to be an excellent engineer and a high-qualified professional. I also want to support my parents. As all subjects and disciplines in our school are taught in English and are compliant with international standards, this shall help me fulfill these dreams.


– What are your interests and hobby, if any?

– Yes, I do have hobbies. I am keen on sports, especially on basketball, football and judo, and devote my free time to sports.


– What else are you interested in?

– I like reading and like world literature. I also like studying world history.