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Tournament on the occasion of 5th anniversary held at BHOS

To celebrate fifth anniversary of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS), Club of Intellectual Games of the Higher School conducted a tournament entitled “Pentechronia”. It was organized with the support of BHOS, REDUCO Education Centre and Azerbaijan Club of Intellectual Games (AİOK).


Opening the tournament, AİOK President Aydin Piriyev emphasized that BHOS’ Club of Intellectual Games is distinguished by using innovative style and striving for development. Then members of BHOS’ Music Club Vugar Hasanov and Sanan Hasanzadeh performed for the participants.


The tournament began with a contest similar to the intellectual TV game entitled “What? Where? When?” At this stage, the competing teams answered 21 questions. Then they participated in the contest for Mini Cup and answered 19 questions. At the tournament final stage, a contest similar to Brain Ring game was conducted.


According to the Pentechronia tournament results, Six Pack team took the first place, Dream Team came second, and Royal Flash team was the third. Revolution team won the Mini Cup.