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"It did not take me long to choose the university", admits Presidential scholar studying at BHOS

The project initiated by Public Relations department of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) and entitled “10 questions to Presidential Scholar at BHOS”, Process Automation Engineering student Ramil Huseynov is answering our questions.


Please, tell about yourself. 

– I was born in Raduzny city of the Russian Federation in 2000. I received my secondary education at the school №2 in Udjar town. Up to seventh grade, I had studied in Russian-language sector, and from then on I continued studying in the Azerbaijani-language sector. After graduation from the secondary school, I successfully passed entrance exams to university and entered Baku Higher Oil School to study Process Automation Engineering. I am first-year student awarded with Presidential Scholarship.


– The exams are in the past now. What were your impressions?

– To be honest, it was tough time. I was overtired. All my thoughts were about the goal I wanted to achieve. So, I recall those days as a bit difficult for me.


– What was your score at the entrance exams?

– I got 695 points.


– Why have you chosen BHOS?

– Actually, this is not a careful choice as such. It did not take me long to decide where to study. When I received high score and looked for a technical university, I chose BHOS. But even if I spent a lot of time to make a choice, it would be the Higher School anyway, no doubt about it.


– What role has your family played in your education?

– Surely, my family has greatly supported me in my efforts to get education, especially my Mom and grandma. As I fully concentrated on the preparations for exams, I can tell I was not doing anything else.


– What is your biggest dream?

– Since my childhood, my biggest dream has been to become a scriptwriter. I still cherish this dream in my mind and my heart.


– What would you like to tell about your future profession?

– I would say this profession requires strong logical thinking and a lot of creativity. I believe that even if robots will take over many jobs, our field will remain among the few to be operated by humans.


What are your hobbies?

– I like listening to music. I am also very interested in social networks, and I like watching videos on Youtube and Facebook. 


What else are you interested in?

– I am interested in psychology and economics. Besides of that, I am into the exergaming, i.e., fitness games, albeit as an amateur.


– What literary genres do you prefer?

– Frankly, I do not read literature apart from textbooks.