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International Relations

One of the primary goals for establishing Baku Higher Oil School was to train highly qualified specialists in engineering, with a good level of English and based on teaching programs and methods that comply with international standards and criteria. Particularly, at the time when globalization and internationalization factors are of utmost importance in education, the BHOS International Relations Department is doing its best to establish and to expand relations with various leading educational institutions, as well as international companies and organizations in the world.

One cannot imagine the international relations maintained by any higher educational institution without active participation in international projects and programs or cooperation with relevant international organizations. One of the basic dimensions of our activities is to ensure increasing outreach to the international community in order to provide more information about BHOS. For that purpose, we are maintaining close collaboration with foreign embassies and diplomatic missions accredited to our country. Consequently, within a short period of time, BHOS has succeeded in maintaining a positive image among a number of leading universities, which have already demonstrated willingness for building mutual relations with us.

International cooperation is carried out mainly through bilateral agreements, MOUs, cooperation memorandums, and other legal means concluded between universities and institutions.

Being the member of Worldwide Energy University Network (WEUN) and Black Sea University Network (BSUN), BHOS is cooperating with the Federation of the Universities of Islamic World (FUIW).

Cooperation between the universities encompasses bilateral relations in the sphere of education, including exchange of faculty and students, joint scientific research projects, mutual exchange of academic publications, etc.

The main international partner of BHOS is Herriot Watt University, which is one of the leading UK universities in the field of engineering. The curriculum currently applied by BHOS is based on HWU teaching programs, while all the educational and teaching standards and criteria, including the administration of exams and teaching process, as well as knowledge assessment comply with HWU requirements.

Memorandums of Understanding signed with the representative offices of international companies in Azerbaijan focus on expert support for staff training, site visits for students, and support in enriching the library resources of our school with international publications.

It is important for us to ensure that BHOS students gain practical experience in addition to theoretical knowledge. For that purpose, we are creating vast opportunities for our students to benefit from internship in respective partner companies.  BP Azerbaijan’s role in this cooperation should be emphasized. Under the program of nationalization of staff to be implemented by the company in nearest future, potential BHOS-trained staff will have an exclusive role in this direction.

BHOS aims to join ERASMUS + Program, which is expected to be the biggest project covering the sphere of education in the EU. This program will provide opportunities for BHOS teaching staff and students to benefit from various education projects and improve their experience under international exchange programs.