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Tuition and expenses

The fees (training expenses) for each İnternational student attending a graduation course at BHOS amount to AZN 5,000.00 per year, which include training materials, sports facilities (swimming pool, football pitch, indoor sport hall, fitness center) available at BHOS.

At BHOS campus all amenities are available to ensure your comfort and success in studies.

To be enrolled in BHOS, the annual tuition fee is payable in full before the deadline through Bank Deposit.

If despite receiving the admission letter, the student decides to withdraw from the programme after coming to Azerbaijan and starting his\her studies, OR during the specific academic year will have to terminate the studies because of illness and/or other similar reasons and the necessity to leave Azerbaijan without an academic leave, the tuition fee is non-refundable, as well as cannot be transferred to another institution’s account or considered as the payment for studies of another student.  

The tuition fee is payable in full or in two instalments before the deadline for each academic year.