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Public Relations

Public Relations Department is in charge of building mutual relations between Baku Higher Oil School and the public, including various entities and mass media organizations. To this end, the PRD:

  • Provides the BHOS website with reliable and detailed information;
  • Creates BHOS pages in different social networks and supports the students and faculty in sharing actively relevant information on their personal social pages;
  • Provides local and international mass media entities with regular information about BHOS and various events organized at the higher school, as well as different publications and articles published by the management and faculty;
  • Makes different video materials, short movies, promo videos and banners, which ensure reliable and detailed public promotion of the school;
  • Develops brief journals and brochures about BHOS and its activities;
  • Develops and shares BHOS newsletter and journals;
  • Holds regular meetings at schools with prospective students and their parents to increase their awareness about BHOS.