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eTraining Department mainly focuses on the following activities:

- Application of advanced information technologies in the teaching process of BHOS:

  • development and application of special software packages on various fields of study in the computer laboratories;
  • development of electronic textbooks on various disciplines;
  • programming and automation of BHOS activity and teaching process;
  • distance learning;
  • multimedia technologies (interactive boards, electronic textbooks);
  • developing and providing technical support for BHOS website;
  • providing BHOS students and staff with individual information system.

- Application of the information – data system for BHOS students and teaching process:

  • collection and archival storage of data on student's performance;
  • electronic recording of attendance at school;
  • preparation of electronic documents for curriculums and fields of study;
  • development of the electronic schedules for lectures and exams
  • development of various forms of reports on teaching process;
  • electronic monitoring system for parents.

- To ensure that exams at BHOS:

  • are organized (determining the location for exams, ensuring student’s anonymity – coding);
  • collection data on test results, ensuring that the exam results are evaluated by relevant departments, and announcement of final test results.

- Maintenance of all IT equipment at BHOS:

  • ensuring that all pieces of technical equipment (computers, interactive boards, projectors) used during the lectures and exams are on good working condition;
  • prompt solution to the problems with student's personal computers (notebooks, tablets or technical or software glitches);
  • prompt solution to IT problems facing each staff member;

- Responding to all needs and inquiries of other BHOS structures within the competence of its departments.