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Career and Student Affairs Department

In the structure of Baku Higher Oil School, along with other departments, the Student Administration (SA) is also in operation. The SA conducts organizational, social and educational work among students of the BHOS. Controls over discipline, attendance and standards of ethics, which serve as key pillars of successful education, are directly related to the functions of the Student Administration.

The Student Administration conducts registration of students admitted to undergraduate education by the State Student Admittance Commission (SSAC) and receipt of their records, making contracts with students with state commissioned study, providing and taking strict record-keeping of diplomas, diploma supplements, medical certificates and other documents issued by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic (MEAR) to persons who have completed a bachelor's level of education. In addition, it performs the provision of issued duplicates of lost diplomas, its supplements and medical certificates.

The Administration staff serve to development of internal resources with maintaining the spirit of national customs and traditions by individual discipline and behavioural philosophy among students.

Our motto is preciseness, accuracy, and self respect and esteem as well as respect and esteem to all members of the Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) Family we represent!

One of the key factors of the Administration's work is establishing and maintaining organisational culture among students. In this respect, effective organization of students' leisure time is in the centre of continuative attention.