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Summer internship of "Chemical Engineering" students

In 2015/2016 academic year students of the 1-st, 2-nd, 3-rd and 4-th years of study on speciality "Chemical Engineering" were involved in a Summer Internship Programme.  

To enrich theoretical knowledge acquired during educational process, students each academic year will be sent to summer intership in the management and production enterprises of SOCAR, international companies operating in Azerbaijan and Turkey production company "Petkim", as expected. It should be noted that the experience gained by the students during the year allows deeper to understand and comprehend the theoretical knowledge combined with practice that will contribute to their growth as the experienced specialists.



Students have the opportunity to practice in the enterprises, such as the Oil Refinery named after Heydar Aliyev, Ethylene-Polyethylene Plant of "Azerikimya" Production Union, Petkim Petrochemical Holding Company Inc. Nevertheless, some of the students will take summer work experience at "SOCAR AQS", BP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Ltd" and "SOCAR Polymer" companies.


It should be noted that this year on speciality "Chemical Engineering" 48 first-year students were sent to the “Offshore Health and Safety Centre” of SOCAR Education, Training and Certification Department (ETCD). ​50 BHOS students of the second year of study, 13 students of the third year and 17 students of the fourth year of study during the summer internship visit various plants of Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery. Moreover, this year the number of the third and fourth-year students sent in summer practice at the Ethylene-Polyethylene Plant of "Azerikimya" Production Union" was 45 people, 5 of which, after the completion of the practice at this enterprise, will be sent to "Petkim Petrokimya Holding" A.C., which occupies a leading position in the energy sector in Turkey.












Students passing practice have huge chances, because they are on a par with the practice gain opportunities such as acquaintance with workflow, the study of each production equipment, as well as work processes, technological regulations, the plant monitoring and control system, as well as the opportunity to work with recognized experts.   



Since last year, in accordance with the agreement attained between "Petkim Petrokimya Holding" A.C. and BHOS, distinguished in their studies students will be sent to “Petkim” Summer Internship once a year. This year 23 students will take practice at this company for one month from 18 July to 26 August.  



It should also be noted that 5 fourth-year BHOS students on speciality "Chemical engineering" take place in the practice in "BP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Ltd", 2 fourth-year students in "SOCAR-AQŞ" MMC, 4 fourth-year students in "SOCAR Polymer" companies.