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Baku Winter Oil School

March 03-14, 2014

Baku Winter Oil School project was conducted within DAAD Go East program on March 03-14, 2014. It provided a comprehensive overview to the oil and gas industry of Azerbaijan and other oil countries focusing on the expertise of Azerbaijan through the centuries. The program content was based on theoretical and practical knowledge, comprising both lectures and field trips. The Winter School envisaged not only academic field of studies but also it helped participants to obtain general knowledge on Azerbaijani culture, heritage and geography. The program included field trips to Oil Fields and travels to picturesque regions of Azerbaijan. The participants learnt several aspects of Oil industry and future perspectives of the industry in Azerbaijan which will enhance their knowledge about the field and help them with their relevant research or studies. The program will include several guest lectures that are specialist of the field.

Attending Baku Winter Oil School equiped participants with knowledge in:

  • Azerbaijan as an Oil rich country;
  • Energy Policy of Azerbaijan;
  • Oil and Gas projects;
  • Challenges of Drilling;
  • Comparative analyses of developing oil rich countries and developed industrial countries;
  • Renewable Energy sources and the perspectives.

12 students from German universities and 4 Azerbaijani students were participants of the program and were awarded with completion certificate in the end of the program.  The project coordinator of the program is Ayten Shadlinskaya, specialist of Quality Assurance Department.