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Main duties and responsibilities of Dean of Engineering Faculty of BHOS

Dean of the Engineering Faculty leads, encourages, supports excellence in the teaching and research activities of the faculty, works on expansion of department’s international relations, and organizes activities of its structures.

In order to ensure the fulfillment of main duties and responsibilities, the Dean's office performs the following activities:

  • Hold discussions at the faculty’s academic departments, make decisions, supervise their implementation, develop and carry our other activities in accordance with relevant procedures and documentation
  • Maintain control over distribution and fulfillment of teaching loads at the faculty
  • Carry out activities for education of graduate students and doctoral candidates
  • Arrange development and preparation of textbooks, study guides, academic programs, course of study and other learning materials by the administered academic departments
  • Organize scientific and methodological conferences and workshops both the at the Engineering Faculty and its departments
  • Ensure compliance with labor protection, occupational health and safety, and  fire prevention & fighting requirements
  • Represent BHOS at various organizations in the matters of the expertise and competency of the Dean of the Faculty
  • Get the required information and materials from the proper authorities within the BHOS structure in order to ensure the implementation of works related to the functions 
  • Obtain from BHOS departments and offices information and resources required to successfully carry out activities and achieve objectives set up for the Faculty
  • Engage employees of BHOS’ other departments and offices (with agreement for their heads) in the Faculty’s activity, as necessary, to perform tasks assigned to the Faculty by BHOS management
  • Apply to the Rector’s office with suggestions and recommendations concerning implementation of current and future plans aimed at improvements at the Faculty