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State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is involved in exploring oil and gas fields, producing, processing, and transporting oil, gas, and gas condensate, marketing petroleum and petrochemical products in domestic and international markets, and supplying natural gas to industry and the public in Azerbaijan. Three production divisions, two oil refineries and one gas processing plant, an oil tanker fleet, a deep water platform fabrication yard, two trusts, one institution, and 22 subdivisions are operating as corporate entities of SOCAR.

Joint ventures (including ventures in Georgia and Turkey), consortia, and operating companies established with SOCAR's participation are doing business in different sectors of the petroleum industry. SOCAR has representative offices in Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Iran, Germany and Ukraine and trading companies in Switzerland, Singapore, Vietnam, Nigeria  and other countries.

Our Mission

is to ensure energy security of the Republic of Azerbaijan, strategic interest on development of petroleum, and petrochemical industry, support the increase of scientific and technical, economic and intellectual potential of Azerbaijan by applying advanced and eco-friendly technologies, play a consederable role in regional and international energy projects, and maximize the profit from the sale of hydrocarbon reserves and derived products in  domestic and foreign markets.

Our Vision

Is to become a vertically integrated international energy company resting upon advanced experience on operation efficiency, social and environmental responsibility.