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Introduction to IT for Foundation Students

Common for all specialties training courses "Computer and ICT" and "Computer Applications in Engineering" were created in BHOS in the 2012/2013 academic year, i.e. since the foundation of high school at the Department of "Computers and ICT". Currently, this department was renamed to "Process Automation Engineering." The curriculum of these courses meet international standards of computer training.

Despite the fact that computer science is taught in secondary school from the first class,  knowledge level of computer science for incoming students is poor. Therefore there is a need to create these courses.

The course "Computer and ICT" covers topics related to the concept of information, information units, number systems, information coding, storing in the computer memory numerical, sound, text and graphical information, computer architecture, operating system, office programs, computer networks and other topics.

In addition to theoretical knowledge of ICT in the first half of the year, students also gain practical skills of work with a text editor Word, perform calculations in EXCEL, create databases in ACCESS, and also learn computer graphics using VISIO program.

The course "Computer Applications in Engineering" is focused on developing algorithmic thinking skills. This course is an introduction to the C programming language and Matlab engineering package.


Foundation courses contribute to the development of public speaking abilities and improving the outlook of students. During self-study works they prepare posters, presentations on various topics and create video tutorials.

All foundation students are provided with course materials. Course materials include textbooks, written by BHOS professors, additional books related with these courses, Power Point presentations, and lecture notes. All this contributes to better learning. From the first day of study many of the foundation students are involved into large projects and research work.

Assessment of students’ knowledge at the end of foundation courses is carried out on the basis of midterm and final exams and quizzes.

After completion of these foundation courses students have the opportunity to pass the exam distantly and receive an international certificate CompTIA A+.

In BHOS has been created Microsoft IT Academy (now Microsoft Image Academy). For more detailed information about IT Academy click the following link:   


After completion of Microsoft IT Academy courses, students receive international certificates from Microsoft. Exams can be taken in BHOS because our high school is an Authorized Certiport test Center for the delivery of Microsoft exams.

In BHOS also functioning Oracle Academy.



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