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Bachelor's Degree

Education is carried in English and in accordance with the requirements of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTAS). The students of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) specialize in one of three areas: Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Process Automation Engineering. Studying at the Bachelor's degree level in Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering, conducted by using the programs of Heriot Watt University and with the participation of its specialists. Training within the frame of Process Automation Engineering Programme is carried out based on the curriculum in compliance with the European Credit Transfer System.


About years structures from the BHOS Handbook:


Year 1 Structure

Year 1 provides grounding in the main science and mathematics used in later years as well as providing an introduction to Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering.

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering courses at this level are designed to provide a broad view of the subject and its industrial context. They include industrial awareness, and basic mathematical and scientific principles vital to understanding process engineering. Site visits, library and laboratory projects supplement lecture material and to enhance students’ transferrable skills.

Year 2 Structure

The second year of the programme, while retaining some Maths and Chemistry, extends the emphasis on fundamental Chemical Engineering in Fluid Flow, Thermodynamics and Heat & Mass Transfer and in Petroleum Engineering starts to introduce the major topics such as Geoscience. These are studied in the lecture, tutorial and lab classes across all the courses. Embedded throughout all the courses are opportunities to gain practical experience through projects and laboratory exercises.

Throughout the year, students will also be engaged in laboratory experiments relating to the taught material, to computer projects using spreadsheets for calculations, and an introduction to design topics, engineering drawings, materials of construction.

Year 3 Structure

All courses in the 3rd stage of the programme contribute to the class of degree awarded in final year.

Year 4 Structure

Students will undertake an individual, literature-based research project in one of the discipline's major research interests.

Running through the whole year is a major Design Project in which students work in small groups on the process design of a substantial production plant/platform. This is the culmination of the programme and serves to bring together material taught throughout the programme in a close approximation to a realistic industrial working environment. This project provides a mechanism for students to demonstrate their grasp of Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering by applying their knowledge to situations which may not have clear solutions.