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Engineering laboratories

Engineering equipment of “GUNT” (Germany) company is used in laboratory sessions of “Separation Processes A”, “Separation Processes B”, and “Chemical Reaction Engineering” courses at educational process at BHOS for four-year students of “Chemical Engineering” speciality.



Flow through packed column

This unit is used to investigate the hydraulic characteristics of packed bed columns. The function is based on the mass transfer between liquid and gas phase.





Diffusion in liquid and gas

This unit is used to determine the diffusion coefficients of liquids and gases. Concentrated salt solution and highly volatile solvent are used for diffusion in liquids and gases, respectively.



Continuous rectification

This unit enables liquid mixtures to be thermally separated depending on their different volatility. During the experiment the mass transfer between water and ethanol is studied.



Liquid-liquid extraction

This unit is used to learn the extraction process. The transition of a component from a two-component liquid mixture into a solvent is observed during the experiment.



Reverse osmosis

This unit is used to remove dissolved organic and inorganic substances from water using membrane separation process. Reverse osmosis is membrane separation process and one of the applications of it is seawater desalination.



Modular System for Chemical Process Engineering

This unit is used to demonstrate the differences between the four basic chemical reactor types. The aim of the experiment is to determine the conversion depending on reactor type, retention time, temperature and concentration.



Condensation Process

This unit enables the condensation process on cooled tubes to be visualised. In particular, the different forms of condensation, such as dropwise and film condensation can be demonstrated. In addition, the influence on the condensation process of pressure, temperature and air content in the steam can be investigated experimentally.



Control of four variables from Process Engineering

This unit offers a total of four different controlled systems that can be controlled with an electronic industrial controller. Controlled variables are temperature, level, flow and pressure.



Gas absorption

This unit is used to separate a component from two-component gas mixture using a solvent. It includes two sub-processes: absorption and desorption.