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About BHOS Library

BHOS Library, founded in 2011, is one of the newest academic libraries in Azerbaijan. Our youth and manageable size have allowed us to grow responsively with the campus and its programs.

We share with other academic libraries a commitment to intellectual freedom and the widest possible access to information. This commitment is reflected in our open stacks, modern information services.

We have beneficial partnership with Heriot-Watt University Library Information Services that help us to enhance this collaboration to a new level.

Mission Statement

Advancing knowledge through BHOS and Heriot-Watt University libraries resources and services, expertise and partnerships.

Library Environment

Library and information Services provides computing and library services to the users has been closely working with ICT department. These integrated services should produce benefits, including:

  • Joint working between IT and the Library to deliver integrate digital services for students, teachers and staff;
  • Support an access BHOS students and teachers to library and information resources of Heriot-Watt Library;
  • The successful deployment and support various information systems, including the library website, BHOS Repository by DSpace platform.

New students will be registered for IT facilities and receive a username and password as part of the enrolment process. This unique login will be used for accessing Heriot Watt Email & VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) system.

The VLE is known as VISION (Virtual Student Information Organisation Network) and can be accessed at Heriot-Watt University website. Students are provided with a unique username and password.

Access to Wireless network is also provided to students by issuing WiFi login details.

BHOS library offers a Photocopy/Printing/Scanning facilities and services on campus free of charge.

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