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  1. Who is eligible for the Foundation Program of BHOS? / What are the entry requirement?
  • Candidates who meet the minimum academic entry requirements (University Entrance Exam). 
  1. Do I need to do a specific English language test?
  • Before the academic year starts, students take a TEP (Test of English Proficiency). TEP consists of two sections: Listening Comprehension and Grammar. The test has a total of 200 questions and takes approximately 2 hours to administer.
  1. Do you hold Pre-Sessional Courses?
  • You can take a 2 week course and improve your English skills at BHOS with tutors supporting you the whole way. Beginner level students are required to attend our Pre-Sessional Course.
  1. How many hours will I study per week?
  • You can expect around 20 hours per week of contact study. You are also expected to do the same amount of self-study each week and to use free time between modules to work in the library.
  1. Will I be guaranteed a place at BHOS if I pass the Foundation?
  • More than 90% of Foundation students progress to BHOS undergraduate degree.
  1. How do I get the guaranteed progression to undergraduate degree at BHOS?
  • In order to progress to undergraduate degree at BHOS, you are required to pass the Foundation Year and obtain an average of 50 per cent from the English course or submit the certificate of IELTS 6.0.
  1. What if I fail the Foundation, can I retake it?
  • If you fail the Foundation course, you will be allowed to re-start the whole course again being charged with tuition for the foundation course.