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Baku Higher Oil School is the most modernized science and education institution in Azerbaijan Republic involved in training and education of professional engineers.  

Along with ensuring knowledge, we have set a goal to fulfill such a sacred duty as education and training specialists with independent thinking capable to stand scientific competition continuing in the world.    

In the time of speedy development of science and education and information saturation, our professors and lecturers are in search of novelties following scientific development and exerting efforts to pass their achievements in this field to Master students.   

Pursuing the goal to train professional specialists and researchers, we teach Master students how to develop critical thinking, problem solving analytical skills simultaneously training them in the field of research experience and scientific research.  

In addition, we organize research practice related to petroleum engineering and chemical engineering fields directly connected with the advanced technologies and train Master students to continue their education on Doctorate level in petroleum engineering and chemical engineering specialization. ​

Masters Specializations

Programme Details: Reservoir Evaluation and Management

Programme Details : Oil and Gas Technology

Process Automation Engineering Information and Control in Technical Systems (Master of Science, 2 years) Course Schedule