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Student Council

Student Youth Organization of Baku Higher Oil School  

Baku Higher Oil School is interested in helping students to effectively spend their free time, improve the managerial and organizational skills and develop their initiatory abilities and creative talent.

In this context, the Student Youth Organization of Baku Higher Oil School is taking concrete measures to encourage our students’ participation in social activities held at BHOS.

Thus, the organization regularly organizes excursions, charity concerts, visits to nursing homes and orphanages, trainings, and seminars.

Clubs operating under the Student Youth Organization of Baku Higher Oil School:

Baku Higher Oil School self-regulatory student organizations include Student Senate, Student Trade Union and BHOS Youth Organization of New Azerbaijan Party. Their organizational structure is as the following:

Student Senate:


Lala Ismayilzada (Chairman)


Turan Eminli (Deputy Chairman)

Aysu Zamanova (Deputy Chairman)

Jabrayil Abdinbayov (Deputy Chairman)



Elman Hüseynov (Petroleum Engineering Faculty Chairman)


Afaq Hashimova (Chemical Engineering Faculty Chairman)

Mahira Asadzada (Process Automation Faculty Chairman)

Aslan Ashirov (Information Security Faculty Chairman)



Petroleum Engineering Faculty Chairman – Elman Huseynov

Deputy Chairman – Vahid Ismayilzada

  • I Year Students Chairman– Huseyn Abizada
  • II Year Students Chairman – Anar Azimov
  • III Year Students Chairman – Allahverdi Jafarli
  • IV Year Students Chairman – Sabuhi Hasanov
  • V Year Students Chairman – Emil Mammadov


Chemical Engineering Faculty Chairman – Afaq Hashimova

Deputy Chairman – Farid Qahramanov

  • I Year Students Chairman – Banovsha Mammadova
  • II Year Students Chairman – Ayshan Qanbarli
  • III Year Students Chairman – Fidan Qadimaliyeva
  • IV Year Students Chairman – Aghagardash Jamalov
  • V Year Students Chairman – Nazpari Isfandiyarzada


Process Automation Faculty Chairman – Mahira Asadzada

Deputy Chairman – Aghamirza Fataliyev

  • I Year Students Chairman – Alicavad Sadikhzada
  • II Year Students Chairman – Elxan Ahmadov
  • III Year Students Chairman – Shams Alıyeva
  • IV Year Students Chairman – Nargiz Huseynova
  • V Year Students Chairman –  Ziyaddin Quliyev

Information Security Faculty Chairman – Aslan Ashirov

Deputy Chairman – Manisa Rahimli

  • I Year Students Chairman – Asmar Hacizada
  • II Year Students Chairman – Zaka Abbasov