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Research and Projects

Scientific Research

Currently BHOS signed cooperation agreements with three scientific-research organizations.

The agreement signed between BHOS and Information Technology Institute (ITI) of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences anticipates the promotion of the most modern information and communication technologies in the educational process of the School.

In the framework of the agreements signed between the Institute of Petrochemical Processes (IPP) of ANAS, the Oil and Gas Scientific Research and Design Institute (OGSRDI) of SOCAR and BHOS the School will be assisted in the creation of the education laboratories, the students will take part in the industrial practice laboratories of both Institutes, as well as will participate in carrying out of joint research.

In IPP and OGSRDI base departments of the School will be create and students' participation in scientific forums will be provided. The School will create conditions to attract staff of both Institute to the educational process in BHOS, and its future postgraduate students will work in the Institutes' laboratories.

Research which is being carried out in the Department of Oil and Gas Engineering

1. Application of nanosystems to adjust the properties of the drilling mud.

Properties of the drilling mud must be repeatedly changed during drilling through the various layers. Usually a variety of chemical or synthetic fillers that match appropriate group of interlayers is used to do that. With the aim of controlling the properties of the mud it is suggested to process standard drilling fluids by magnetic field.

2. Application of magnetic fields to enhance the efficiency of oil extraction.

The influence of magnetic field on the conditions for oil recovery fields in Azerbaijan is investigated. It is suggested to process water and aqueous solutions used for the treatment of the bottom hole formation zone and injected into the reservoir by various magnetic fields. To obtain the desired effect it is possible to selectively interact with the system by adjusting the intensity of the applied magnetic field.

3. Regulation of the bubble point pressure of gas oil mixture.

From an economic point of during extraction of gas oil mixture, as well as during its transportation through pipelines, the optimal process is achieved when is completely dissolved in the oil gas (when a mixture is a single phase condition). This can be achieved if we know the magnitude of bubble point pressure of gas oil mixture, which is influenced by various factors, and be able to adjust them. The analysis of the state of the gas-oil mixture under specific conditions is carried out and different methods of regulating its bubble point pressure are investigated.