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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to train highly qualified specialists in various energy sectors, including petroleum, chemical and automation engineering with the view to develop a new generation of engineers having an advanced level of English and excellence in selected areas of engineering, technology and design. To this end, we have created an educational environment provided with brand-new technologies and high profile teaching staff.

Our Vision

Within a very short period of time Baku Higher Oil School managed to become the top level university and for three successive years, was granted the first place in the national universities ranking developed annually by the State Student Admission Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Our vision is to become one of the globally recognized higher education institutions specialized in engineering and offer educational programmes to both local and international students in partnership with leading world universities.

Our International Strategy

Starting from its foundation Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) strives to incorporate international dimension into its academic and research community. Building its curricula on western education system BHOS offers engineering education with excellence.

Following strategies are envisaged with the aim to develop internationalization of BHOS:

  • Globally recognized teaching and research in the field of engineering
  • Further advance links with enterprises and assure knowledge transfer to main key stakeholders
  • Cultivate international and regional image as a leading engineering school
  • Become a role model for local universities as a game-changing higher education institution leading in scholarships granted, teaching, research and innovation.
  • Magnify international student population.
  • Attract state of the art equipment and technology for engineering education and research.

Student and faculty exchange programs grant higher educational institutions to build long lasting cooperation links. International mobility is an essential part of a two-way advancement of cooperation in the fields of education, research and higher education modernization. In order to reach the above mentioned strategic goals Baku Higher Oil School has to come up with projects to accelerate its internationalization process. Offering engineering programs fully in English and in close-knit collaboration and partnership with local and international companies operating in Azerbaijan in order to ensure its students to acquire hands-on skills and experience to develop highly-qualified industry demanded specialists gives BHOS prestige and agility to adapt changes in international education milieu and labor market.