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Career Opprtunities and Practical Experience at BHOS

Nowadays employers' demands have turned to be high enough. Every business, along with theoretical knowledge available in potentially hired employee, is seeking for practical experience, social competence, leadership skills, etc. in order to meet contemporary demands. Taking into consideration this fact, education and training process at BHOS is oriented to close connection between theoretical knowledge and practical experience based on modern training technologies.

BHOS is closely cooperating with leading transnational and local enterprises specialized in energy, automation and ICT operating in Azerbaijan. Our students are potential employees of the enterprises which are searching for specialists who would also meet contemporary requirements. SOCAR, BP, Total, Statoil, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Emerson Process Management, AVANDSIS GROUP, Schneider Electric, ABB, Microsoft, Baker Hughes and e.on. are the partners of BHOS. Certainly, their number will continue to grow.

In turn, since these relations are based on mutual interest principle, BHOS students also benefit from the services and experience offered by the companies. Taking into consideration the contemporary demands of the labour market, our students enjoy the opportunity to do internships during winter and summer breaks in partner companies, while communication with engineering and technical staff enables them to gain technical and other practical skills.

State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) as a permanent supporter of BHOS is strategically carrying out the nationalization policy of the energy sector aiming at educating specialized staff for the national oil and gas industries which is regarded as one of its primary priorities. SOCAR has established an automatically managed corporate human resources database providing an access to other international companies as well. Thus, whenever any international company needs an employee, SOCAR database will most probably be their initial reference.

The nationalization policy is becoming one of the essential strategic directions of the majority of international companies. For example, for many years, BP together with SOCAR and other relevant government structures have been developing a long-term strategy in order to take measures for training specialized national staff for Azerbaijan's energy sector. According to this strategy, either the government or BP and its partners, are interested in involving Azerbaijani specialists in their operations and projects.

Moreover, BHOS students may gain skills in leadership, communication, presentation and project, risk and time management through various trainings and seminars regularly organized by the school, and these skills will enable them not only occupy technical, but also high administrative positions in future. Furthermore, since the trainings are conducted by senior managers and leading experts of international companies, it is not hard to imagine how much one can gain from such practice!

Thus, Baku Higher Oil School offers brilliant opportunities for career growth for successful graduates not only in Azerbaijan, but also in any other part of the world. The only thing required from students is to work hard and benefit from the opportunities!

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