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Students who decide to study Chemical Engineering will have 5 year of education process which includes 1 year of foundation program. All lessons are carried out in English by the professional instructors. Students will learn typical chemical engineering courses including fluid mechanics, mass and heat transfer, techniques for separation of materials, thermodynamics, plant design, process systems, process economics, process analysis and process control.

First year

During the first year studying students are introduced into fundamental courses for future engineers: Principles of Chemistry, Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists, Foundation Engineering, Process Industries and in addition they carry some practical work in the laboratory. Carrying out the laboratory work students determine physical and chemical properties of different compounds and observe the effect of changing various parameters onto the experiment results.

Second year

During this year students study Process Engineering, Chemical Thermodynamics and Introduction to Kinetics, Process Design. Successful students gain the knowledge of fundamentals of thermodynamics, one of the most important subjects for engineers.

Third year

Students are introduced Separation Processes, Chemical reaction engineering, Chemistry of materials, Multiphase thermodynamics, Process modelling courses. Students will develop and improve their hands-on skills and ability to apply knowledge not only by performing  modern simulations of the processes but also by carrying out practical experimental work on the Gunt (German company) rigs - models of major equipment (е.g. pumps, separators, distillation columns) used in industry.

Fourth year

At last year students learn the following subjects: Unit Operations, Sustainability, Health and Safety,  Chemical Engineering Design Project, Chemical Engineering Research Project, Energy Generation and Utilisation, Reaction, Modelling and Control, Oil and Gas Processing and they are taught important engineering skills to operate, control and optimize chemical processes.