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Research design requirements that submitted competition about young researcher of the year

These following requirements submitted for design works in the competition:

- Research case should include title sheet (in there logo of BHOS, his name, name of the chair, name of the work and year representing) table of contents, 1-page introduction and the main parts.

- In the main part urgency of the issue that solved, critical result of the analytics that obtained previously by other authors, aim of the work, tasks that must be fulfilled to achieve this goal methods and means used to fulfill them, results that obtained, comparative review and overall results that compared with other authors’ results and advantages, information sources etc. should be reflected.

 - Writing of the work should be written in the computer with standards (Arial 12 font, 1.5 spacing) the tables, photos, graphs, diagrams, etc. must be supplied, at the end the report must be given accurate information about scientific forums  and  main provisions that published in publications.

Presentation of the research work to competition.