Information Technology Department

Department of Information Technology was established in 2012 under the name of "Computer and Information-communication technologies" Department. Information Technoloy Department carries out education on the basis of 3 bachelor's, 2 master's and 1 doctoral degree programs.

Bachelor's degree programs:

- 050628- Process automation engineering

- 050615-Information security

- 050620-Computer engineering

Master's degree programs:

- 050628-Informatics and control in technical systems

- 060632- Cybersecurity

Doctoral studies are conducted in 1 specialty:

- System analysis, management and information processing (by fields)

The study period for the bachelor's degree is 5 years, for the master's degree is 2 years. Teaching is conducted in English.

The educational process for the "Process Automation Engineering" degree program was started in 2013, for the "Information Security" degree program in 2018, and for the "Computer Engineering" program in 2021.


Naila Allahverdiyeva

Head of the department

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