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Laboratory of mechanics and thermohydrodynamics

Laboratory is equipped with devices of Germany companies - Gunt and TecQuipment. Theese companies are well-known with it’s commitment to high standards of Europa and Germany. Flow rate, pressure, pressure losses, deformation and support reaction of beam, the intake and delivery pressure of Centrifugal pump, pump characteristic curves and other works can be carried out with these equipments, All of the assignments provide opportunity for students to consolidate their theoretical knowledge related to fluid and solid mechanics, to compare them with experimental results and to observe practical issues which they can encounter at real work condition. Students are divided 5 people per group for laboratory tasks. All the required safety precautionary measures are taken and students are supplied all necessary the equipments during the experiments.

This laboratory is equipped with the following equipment:

HM 150 (Base Module for Experiments in Fluid Mechanics)


HM 150.04 (Centrifugal Pump)


HM 150.07 (Bernoulli’s Principle)


HM 150.11 Losses in a Pipe System (Fluid Friction Apparatus)


HM 150.13 (Methods of Flow Measurements)


HM 150.29 Energy Losses in Piping Elements (Losses in Bends and Fittings)


STR 13 (Support Reactions and Deflections of Beams)


WL 203 Methods of Pressure Measurements (With calibration device - HM 150.02 Dead-Weight Piston Gauge)