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Kamal Dadashov

The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR)

Labor condition norms development Department (LCNDD)

Deputy General Manager



Courses: The Oil and Gas Market, Managing Risks & Regulations in the Oil & Gas Sector

E-mail: [email protected]




2010-2011 -  Master’s degree  -  Neoma Business School (Rouen, France) MS in Finance (Based on CFA)

2009-2011 - Master’s degree  - Bankovni institut vysoká škola (BIVŠ) (Prague,Chezch Republic) Faculty of Finance

2004-2008 -  Bachelor Degree – Azerbaijan State Economic University ,Faculty of Finance



Job Experience:

2006- 2008  - "Bilandar" Appraisal and Consulting Company-Appraiser

June 2008 -  October 2008  - Caspian Baltic Audit, implementing partner of BDO Invest Riga-Auidit-assistant

2008- 2009  - BDO Balance Audit – Consultant on economic issues (Kiev, Ukraine)

2009- 2011 -  Nikoil ICB – Chief risk-officer 

2011- 2014  - SOCAR,  Head of economic indicator and financial modeling department  

2014 -present  - SOCAR, Deputy General Manager

2012- present  - Lecturer Azerbaijan State Economic University (UNEC-ISE),course title: Banking International Investment

2018 – present  Geneva Business School, (Geneva Switzerland), course tittle:Oil and Gas Markets




SOCAR’ s Scholorship

GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals): FBRM