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Trade Union Organization

Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) Trade Union Organization (TUO) was established at the conference on establishment dated March 3, 2015. Habiba Sadigli, the Head of the Student Affairs Department of BHOS was elected the Chair of the Committee. Organization itself consists of over 400 members while BHOS Trade Union Committee (TUC) is about 11 members. Trade Union Organization mainly aims at the defence of the labour rights of its members and protection of those who need social adaptation, as well as organization of different cultural and public events in correspondence with the legislation and useful leisure time activities for the members.

Members of BHOS TUC:

  1. Sadigli Habiba;
  2. Alili Abbas;
  3. Mustafayeva Rena;
  4. Huseynova Sabina;
  5. Mammad-zade Arif;
  6. Namazov Manafaddin;
  7. Adilov Ravan;
  8. Mammadova Emilia;
  9. Shakinsky Tofig;
  10. Mammadova Amail.