General Information

The main goal of BHOS Business Administration Centre (MBA) is to train highly qualified world-class managers.

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) program was developed on the basis of basic and elective subjects. The training is conducted by well-known administrators of the country and managers of various companies. All MBA classes are conducted in English only. The main subjects taught within the program include budget management, organizational behavior, statistics, marketing, strategic management, investment, risk, human resource management, accounting, etc. In addition to these subjects, the program also includes elective subjects to expand students' knowledge in various fields, including e-commerce, international business law, international relations and other such topics. In the last year of their study, MBA students submit a master's dissertation to improve their academic research skills. In addition, during the summer months, students have the opportunity to participate in internship programs to increase their practical knowledge.

The Master of Business Administration program is an innovative and competitive curriculum developed in accordance with the latest world standards, which allows students to master various areas of business and management, as well as gain theoretical and practical knowledge.

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Areas of study

The main mission of BHOS MBA Center is to train globally competitive, world-class managers. From the 2021-2022 academic year, the university will conduct training in four areas within the MBA program:

  • Business organization and management (general course)
  • Business organization and management (finance)
  • Business organization and management (management)
  • Business organization and management (project management)


Advantages of BHOS MBA Program

  • Advantages of BHOS MBA Program

BHOS MBA Program program affords students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in various areas of management and business.

BHOS applies the successful experience it has gained from the implimintation of other programs to the MBA program. Our courses are very practical and comprehensive. The MBA classes are conducted by senior employees of SOCAR and other large transnational companies.


  • Competitive career opportunities

BHOS Career Center can make the most unattainable dreams come true. This team connects students and graduates with the world's fastest growing transnational companies. In addition, upon completion of this English taught program, students receive an International Master of Business Administration degree. The curriculum includes Strategic Management, Marketing, Statistics, Investment and other subjects. Those who acquire this academic and practical knowledge will be able to further develop their business.


  • Favorable class schedule

Given that the majority of applicants for the MBA program of Baku Higher Oil School work in various areas, classes are planned to be held in the evening, 3 days a week.


  • Academic excellence

The MBA program promises students a wealth of innovative and practical knowledge. Thus, the curriculum and textbooks for the program were developed by world-renowned academic staff exclusively for Baku Higher Oil School. MBA students are provided with specially designed textbooks and other aids.


  • Opportunity to study at the most advanced university in Azerbaijan

BHOS is a leader in the country in terms of employment of graduates. Thus, 100% of university graduates are employed. This success was achieved thanks to the efforts of rich academic and administrative staff. BHOS intends to further expand its reputation through the MBA program.


  • Extensive professional business connections (networking opportunities)

MBA students have the opportunity to expand business contacts by joining the network of graduates and teachers of Baku Higher Oil School working in the world's most famous transnational companies.


  • Opportunity to get practical knowledge from the most famous specialists of Azerbaijan

Well-known specialists and senior officials working in leading organizations in Azerbaijan and across the world (SOCAR, BP, government agencies, etc.) have been invited to BHOS to teach MBA students. In this way, students acquire not only theoretical, but also practical knowledge about real experiences.


  • Magnificent campus equipped with high-tech laboratories

MBA students have the opportunity to take advantage of the spacious facilities located on the university’s newly built, state-of-the-art campus. It includes a rich library, high-tech laboratories, gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds and other facilities.