Graduate and teacher of SOCAR Baku Higher Oil School: ‘It is a great honor to work as a teacher at the university I graduated from’

Aydın Nasirzade was admitted to the Process Automation Engineering Department of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) with 690 points in 2014. He was awarded a Presidential Scholarship. After graduating from BHOS in 2019, Aydın continued his studies as a master's degree student at the Automation and Control Engineering Department of the Polytechnic University of Milan, the most advanced engineering university in Italy. After completing his studies abroad, he returned to his Homeland. Aydın Nasirzade started working as a teacher in his native university he graduated from.

The BHOS graduate and teacher shares his impressions in the below interview.


- How did you start working as a teacher at Baku Higher Oil School, from which you had graduated?

- After finishing my studies abroad, I returned to Azerbaijan. I received an offer from BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov to work as a teacher at the Process Automation Engineering Department. It is an honor for me to teach at the university I graduated from. Elmar Gasimov motivates young BHOS graduates to work here as teachers. This tradition can also be observed at the Polytechnic University of Milan. I was impress deeply by the fact that elderly professors were teaching at the university from which they had graduated many years ago.


- How did you get the chance to study abroad?

- In my last year at BHOS, I set myself a goal to study at the Polytechnic University of Milan. My choice was substantiated by the fact that this university had been occupying the 13th place in the world and the 6th place in Europe as the best engineering and technical university for several years in a row. I was able to enter the Polytechnic University of Milan thanks to the knowledge and skills I acquired at BHOS. The same year, the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan announced a competition for financing the education of young people in prestigious foreign universities. I was one of the winners of this competition, so I was awarded a full scholarship.


- Did you intend to return to your homeland after completing your studies abroad?

- After completing my studies abroad, I returned to Azerbaijan in order to serve our Motherland, our people, and our society. I have my life values and try to stick to them. One of these values is to be useful to the society. If one person benefits from my experience, I feel accomplished and true to the value of usefulness.


- What are your impressions as a graduate and teacher of BHOS?

- BHOS is now a brand in our country. BHOS students and graduates have the opportunity to do an internship in several national and international companies. During our student years, we gained unforgettable experiences by working for hours in the laboratories, having discussions until the evening to prepare for the exams, taking part in extracurricular activities and participating in competitions. Working as a teacher at the university I graduated from is a great honor for me. At the same time, I understand this great responsibility. I hope I will justify the trust placed in me.


- What has BHOS given you?

- BHOS is my second family. You are part of this family from the first day you set foot here. You become sure of this when you see that your group mates, teachers, rector and staff stand by your side in both happy and difficult times. This value is maintained even after graduation. This is where our best friendships begin. These are only a part of what BHOS has given me.