Graduate of SOCAR's Baku Higher Oil School works in Indonesia

Emilya Mammadova was admitted to Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) with 657 points in 2013. She majored in Petroleum Engineering.

After graduating from BHOS in 2018, Emilya started working at Baker Hughes, a prestigious US company. She worked in the company's representative offices in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Norway, and Turkey.

Emilya participated in trainings in Dubai and America.

She has been working in the company's Indonesian representative office since January 2022. Emilya has been living in Indonesia since April.

- What impressions did you get from Baku Higher Oil School?

- BHOS became a family for me and a school of life.  It played a great role in developing my various skills, including the technical ones.

- What is the secret to becoming a successful graduate?

- In order to become a successful graduate, one should not only focus on technical knowledge, but he must also be active during the student years. Today, the energy industry needs professionals who, along with being high-quality specialists, have teamwork skills and leadership qualities.

- What is your advice to young people?

- My advice to young people is not to wait for opportunities to come to them. They should create opportunities for themselves. Young people should have a plan for building a successful career and they should work hard towards achieving this goal. Everything is achievable in business life and career; one just needs to plan properly.

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