PhD in Oil and Gas Reservoir Exploitation

The aim of the PhD program of BHOS in Oil and Gas Reservoir Exploitation is to educate scientific/pedagogical personnel in the petroleum industry, adapted to the rapidly altering necessities of the advanced technologies and labor market, capable of performing scientific researches based on the modern methods of field exploration; evolution; development; drilling; completion; and production, and create new approaches which make petroleum industry get improve. BHOS has strong supports from both local and national operating, service and drilling companies that are giving students of BHOS a chance to work with real updated projects, and use the outcomes of the researches in the appropriate areas. In our laboratories analysis of formation fluids and core samples are carried out. With these facilities students try to make contributions to the oil and gas industry by leaning and applying cutting edge science and technology. 

PhD in Chemical Technology and Engineering

Baku Higher Oil School has already accepted students for the doctoral degree from the 2020/2021 academic year. The main direction of the educational level covers innovative solutions to environmental and environmental problems, the synthesis and application of polymer, and advanced materials. Preparatory processes are underway to establish modern laboratories for students in the field of research. One of our big project ITACA deals with the design and building up of a Training and Research Center, involving EU and local institutions, as well as enterprises active in the field of the environmental impact of oil and gas production, to contribute to the strengthening of the relationship between university and industry, by jointly training graduated students to be employed in the field. In addition, a Polymer Research Laboratory will be established at our department and provided with scientific and technical equipment within the joint project with Maire Technimont.

PhD in System Analysis, Control and Information processing (by field)

"System Analysis, Control and Information processing (by field)" - is a Ph.D. program that covers the development and application of methods of systematic analysis of complex applied research objects, information processing, the problems of targeted human impact on research objects. This includes management analysis, modeling, optimization, improvement, and decision-making to increase the impact on the operation of research facilities. This program differs in that its main content is the theoretical and applied research of both the regularity of activities and the systematic relationship of the development in objects and processes, taking into account the specifics of certain areas - aimed at increasing the efficiency of their management using modern information processing methods. The importance of solving scientific and technical problems of this program is to improve the existing methods and tools of information processing and management analysis in complex systems and the development of new ones, enhancing the quality and efficiency of technical, economic, biological, medical and social systems.