Brand Guidelines


A logo is the most important part of the corporate style. The logo dimension ratios are indicated in the below. This ratio cannot be modified.

The logo depicts an oil rig symbolizing the power of the country, the knowledge, which is the foundation for everything, a book, the symbol of intellect, an oil drop and power symbolizing the country rich in oil, and a protecting shield. The oil rig illustrates - splendor and excellence. The light on the background of the oil rig symbolizes prosperous future and the ways that lead to it. Both symbols reflect President Ilham Aliyev’s motto, "We must invest our oil capital into the development of human resources". The book is depicted in a way that also pictures sea waves. This is to present the idea that Azerbaijan is rich in inexhaustible resources as huge as the sea. The shield on the logo demonstrates the idea that in modern societies, knowledge has the most magnificent power and only intelligent persons possess real power. The flame colored in blue, red and green, the colors of the flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is the symbol of the ancient cultural heritage and symbolizes hope, prosperity and peace.

Available versions of logotype:


Corporate colors

Baku Higher Oil School has a defined corporate color palette. The assigned meaning of each color is given below. Each color can be used depending on the defined area.


HEX #2F446F
RGB 0 60 120

Information Security

HEX #824F9F
RGB 130 80 160

Process Automation Engineering

HEX #0978BD
RGB 0 120 190

Oil & Gas Engineering

RGB 130 35 35

Chemical Engineering

HEX #06AA59
RGB 0 170 90


HEX #F68834
RGB 245 135 50

School of Project Management

HEX #245C89
RGB 0 90 140


HEX #D3B064
RGB 210 175 100

Computer engineering

HEX #D3B064
RGB 0 175 239


HEX #D3B064
RGB 237 47 89


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