General Information

Business Administration is one of the important specialties that guide the way to effectively design processes in the business environment and find operational business solutions. Today, success at the local, regional and global levels within the framework of changing realities depends on being able to follow business trends, analyze them correctly and make the right decision at the right time. The Business Administration specialty is designed with the goal of developing the ability to understand these trends and to respond flexibly to the processes.

This specialty, which began to be taught at Baku Higher Oil School in 2021, provides students with a 5-year education opportunity, including teaching English language and information and communication technology skills in the 1st year. Our short term goal is to make a positive contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in the country's economy by training business administrators and analysts, potential businessmen and qualified teaching staff with unique methods. Our medium-term goal is to become one of the best Business Schools in the region.


Results Achieved

  • Ability to understand global economic and business trends;
  • Knowing modern management methods of enterprises of various scales; 
  • Ability to make optimal decisions in changing situations;
  • Ability to prepare business strategies, plans and projects;
  • Ability to calculate compliance with time and budget parameters in processes;
  • Ability to effectively manage human resources in organizations;
  • Knowing the methods of applying concepts such as corporate culture, work ethics, social responsibility in institutions and enterprises;
  • Ability to evaluate the efficiency of the investment;
  • Ability to apply new sales methods, as well as e-commerce and marketing methods;
  • Ability to work effectively with a team;
  • Academic knowledge and research skills.


Experience and Job Opportunities

From viewpoint of business administration students, experience along with academic knowledge is very important in today's realities. Taking this into account, the university provides students with production experience in well-known companies and enterprises from the second year. The process continues in the III and IV courses, as well. Students have the opportunity to do internships in at least 3 enterprises before graduation. This allows them to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, which plays an important role in their future careers. At the end of the process, students can already be employed before they graduate. In general, employment opportunities in the field of business administration are quite diverse. Thus, business administration graduates have the opportunity to be employed in the private and public sectors. They can work as business managers, financial specialists, accountants, project managers, marketers, bank specialists, HR managers, etc., depending on the direction they choose during their studies. In addition, nowadays, when the importance of individual initiative is increasing, business administration graduates can establish their own businesses in various areas of the economy, including production, sales, service, and etc.