DAAD International Summer School

DAAD Summer School on Energy Transition in Oil Producing Countries 




The energy transition is a process transformation of the energy sector from fossil-based natural energy to zero-carbon based clean renewable energy. Currently, only 15% of total energy in Azerbaijan comes from renewable energy alone, and this number should be increased to 30% by 2030.  Therefore International Summer School intends to contribute broadening participants’ knowledge about the work done in the country to make this transition happen also make comparison with other oil-producing countries. Participants will get acquainted about the energy policy of Azerbaijan as well as energy policies of other countries exporting fossil energy resources. Summer School will cover following lecture topics:

  • Energy Policy and energy transition in fossil fuel exporting countries
  • On the energy relations of the EU with the countries of the Caspian region
  • Renewable Energy and decentralization- How does it work in EU countries and Azerbaijan
  • Energy and Ecology problems
  • Decarbonization
  • Geothermal energy, technologies of utilization and success stories of major geothermal fields
  • Energy transition: digitalization and cyber security

Lectures will be run by the academicians who are the specialists of the field and possess long years of expertise in teaching as well as enriched with the guest lectures attendances who has important contributions in the energy sector. Lectures will be conducted not only in form of presentations but will include group works, case studies and workshops. Apart from attending lectures, participants will have an opportunity to have Field trips, to get practical knowledge by visiting several power plants and geothermal energy resources zones. Participants will have a chance to make a company visit to Azerbaijan’s major oil company’s main building to meet with the vice president of SOCAR.

The summer school program also gives an opportunity to explore and discover Azerbaijan as an ancient country but at the same time having modern culture. Program covers excursions to several museums, cultural centers and trips to one of the picturesque regions of Azerbaijan, Sheki and Guba. The trip will introduce participants the most attractive nature, delicious cuisine, traditional colorful artistic works, historical sites and traditions of the country. During Sheki trip there will be visit to a biogarden which was a wasteland some time ago. Cultural program is also integrated to the academic program. (Trip to Mud volcanos, Candy Cane Mountains and etc.)

Language lessons are also taken into account in the program. At the end of the language classes summer school participants will be able to read in and express simple phrases in Azeri.