BHOS Alumni

BHOS Alumni

Alumni Association of Baku Higher Oil School

The Alumni Association of Baku Higher Oil School is a public organization established with the aim of strengthening the university’s relations with graduates and supporting their activities. The association focuses its activities on promoting BHOS’ reputation in the country and abroad,   ensuring constant communication of graduates with "alma mater", holding scientific-technical, socio-cultural events with their participation, encouraging various enterprises and organizations to cooperate with the university, to collect and promote information about BHOS graduates career successes.

The association collects information on innovations and changes introduced to science, technology and industry by graduates working in different countries and enterprises, conducts analysis and makes proposals to the BHOS management on changes in curricula. The organization ensures the participation of graduates in promotional events held in secondary schools on the eve of student enrollment, summarizes information on the world's leading universities’ progressive approaches to working with graduates and makes recommendations on this regard.

The collegial governing body of the association is the Alumni Meeting. The Alumni Meeting is convened once a year on the eve of the graduation of last year’s students. The meeting discusses issues related to the graduation and adopts a work plan for next year. The Board of the Alumni Association regulates its activities until the next meeting.  The Board implements measures in accordance with the adopted work plan, if necessary, resolves issues arising beyond the scope of the work plan, monitors relations with members, reports on the work done during the year and makes suggestions for improving the activities of the Association.

The composition of the Board is approved by the BHOS Scientific Council on the basis of proposals made by the structural units that carry out training and management activities. By the decision of the Scientific Council, the President and the Secretary General of the Association are elected from this composition.

Relationships with the business world and career prospects

Baku Higher Oil School’s effective cooperation with many international and regional organizations, well-known local and international companies has expanded the capabilities of the university, which implements the latest technological advances in the educational process.  

Many transnational companies operating in our country have supported the training of specialists by helping to establish several laboratories at the university and providing these laboratories with modern devices and equipment.

Thus, ABB provided BHOS with the Integrated Management and Security System, Schneider Electric provided the university with the Accident Management and Automation System, Emerson – with the Control-Measurement and Management system, HUAWEI helped to establish the ICT Academy and several laboratories at the university, Avandsis Group and Schneider Electric donated automatic system elements and software to BHOS.  These supplies and donations proved extremely successful in terms of linking the teaching process with scientific research and production, and they play an important role in the employment of graduates.

BHOS closely cooperates with many leading transnational and local companies specializing in energy, automation and ICT, including SOCAR, BP, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Atenau Ltd, Schneider Electric, Total, Statoil, Microsoft, Emerson Process Management, ABB, Avandsis Group , E.On companies, Control and Measuring Devices LLC, Turkey-based Petkim and Star companies.

BHOS students and graduates are considered a potential source of staff for these enterprises, which are looking for qualified specialists meeting the requirements of modern times. Training students with the special curriculum system, students’ participation in local and international companies’ internship programs, their regular participation in training courses and seminars conducted by executives and leading specialists from international companies contribute to the formation of BHOS students as world-class specialist during their study at the university.